No Weights Needed. Just You.

Be active. Be free. Be weightless.


What’s Weightless?

We are crazy about Calisthenics - a discipline that uses your own bodyweight as resistance.

With calisthenics, you don't need a hefty gym membership or fancy equipment.

Anyone can pick it up easily and get a good workout immediately.

Our ultimate goal is to allow people to use their bodyweight to explore new movements, skills, and to become a master of your own body!

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Why Train With Us?

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build functional strength for daily activities

As we work and age, we get aches in our shoulders, necks, backs, etc.

By working on functional exercises like squats, lunges, presses and jumps, we will help you undo all that stress from work and become better at daily activities!

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pay attention to form and posture

Your muscles enjoy working together.

However, they can’t tell if they’re doing things incorrectly!

That’s why we take extra care to ensure you perform each exercise with correct form, so the right muscles are called in to get the job done.

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Keep Track of your Progress

The beauty of calisthenics training is that any exercise can be made easier or tougher.

As you get stronger, your exercises will also need to change to match your level.

We keep track of your progress, so you will always get a healthy challenge when you step into class!


Our Programs

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Group Classes

Friends are great for parties, dinners, and workouts too!

Every workout session is different, complete with partner exercises for you and your friends to have fun with!


Personal Training

Have a specific fitness goal you would like to achieve? Or maybe you require in-depth fitness coaching for rehab?

We will design a program that will fit your specific needs and schedule!


Corporate Workshops

Want to help your team relieve some stress and aches from work/school?

We conduct workout sessions and skill workshops for schools, companies and non-profit organisations too!

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