Team Weightless


We believe the human body was made to move.

Weightless was created because we enjoy bodyweight training and how connected we can feel with our bodies. In calisthenics, it’s just you versus your own body weight.

In our classes, we focus on strength and mobility, with the end goal of achieving graceful movements and the strength to feel weightless.



Sam started hitting the gym in 2005, but got interested in calisthenics through Bboying (interestingly enough!) and has been passionate in using bodyweight training to improve his strength, mobility and physique ever since.

With over 5 years of weight training and 8 years of calisthenics training, his desire is to spread the love for calisthenics and make it accessible for everyone of all fitness levels!

Certified in personal training, CPR+AED

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Yong Wei

Having always been an active kid, Yong Wei is actively involved in dragon boat and strength training. A desire to understand how the human body moves motivated him to pursue a career in exercise science and training.

With over 5 years of training and coaching, he enjoys teaching and spreading the love for exercising to those around him!

Certified in personal training, CPR+AED